You are on the territory of my personal WEB-site. I would like to express my cordial gratitude for your visit. Yours, Andrey Moskalenko

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Andrey V. Moskalenko

Scientist and Programmer
work experience

of data processing


    leading programmer,
    MD, M.Sc. in biophysics




  • AVM's Site News:
    (see also my personal news)

  • В июне 2019 года прежние страницы перенесены и архивированы в виде этой старой версии сайта.
    Некоторые разделы этой старой версии сайта продолжают обновляться в автоматическом режиме.
  • В ноябре 2017 года мной запущен новый веб-проект для проекта «Российский Физиом».
  • В марте 2012 года исполнилось семь лет моего партнерства с "ВебСервис Центр", ибо столько лет этот сайт обслуживается на хостинге от компании "ВебСервис Центр".
  • Весной 2011 г. радикально сменил рекламную политику сайта: убрал рекламу товаров, заменив её рекламой так или иначе значимых мне знакомых персон.
  • В 2011 году исполнилось десять лет моему персональному сайту.
  • In January 2010, the activity for renewal and further development of the web-site was recommenced. In particular, two new Sections was launced: Furthermore, the development of the German version of the web-site was started.
    The renovation goes on...
  • In 25th of March 2009, there was five-year anniversary of the domain name a-v-m.RU, and I have used the hosting in CENTRE web-service for five years.
  • In April 2006, I eventually launced the English version of "Cybernetic and Biophysical Cardiology". Wellcome to this section of my personal web-site! You will find the most colorful results of our investigations there. At present, you can find two beautiful "flower garden" that I am having cultivated since January 2006: 1-st flower-bed with classic flowers after well-known selectionists FitzHue & Nagumo. 1-st flower-bed with highly amusing flowers after peculiar landscape-gardeners Aliev & Panfilov.
  • A lot of renovations were made in Russian version of the site during 2005.
  • In May,2005, I eventually get to my web-portfolio.
  • The second year of the a-v-m.RU domain name is started on 25 of May 2005. And the year is also the second year of my use of CENTRE web-service. When my previous paid term was becoming finished, I looked for another, less expanvive, web-service. But at last I decided to stay at CENTRE for next term. I decided that time-proved reliability and goodwill of such god business partner as CENTRE are worth it. I recommend it.
  • Some renovations were made in Russian version of the site during 2004.
  • A couple of my personal photo-albums was published in Desember, 2004.
  • In November-Desember, 2004, some new examples of letters were added to AVM's English Review.
  • The Section Kherson is my native town was launced on 23 of June, 2004.
    (In Russian only)
  • On 25 of May, 2004, The Section AVM's English Review was restored.
  • On 10 of April 2004, My Personal WEB-Site, which we are visiting, was restored after one unpleasant story. The details of this story are available in Russian version of the site.

News Archive

  • AVM's Personal News:
    (see also the site News)

  • В феврале 2016 года на сей раз в очередной раз едва не умер я сам.
  • В 29 мая 2013 года на 74-м году жизни умер Валерий Кравченко — журналист, писатель, поэт, а также мой друг и наставник. Некоторые подробности здесь, в моём блоге ЖЖ.
  • В 2012 году дальнейшее развитие получила моя идея клуба производителей сувенирной продукции города Пущино. Бизнесом это пока невозможно назвать ни по каким параметрам, однако как хобби, нацеленное на создание позитивного образа наукрограда Пущино, вполне проходит. Подробности здесь.
  • В 5 ноября 2011 года на 53-м году погиб проф. А.Ю.Лоскутов — мой друг и наставник. Некоторые подробности здесь, в моём блоге ЖЖ.
  • С 1-го октября по 1-е декабря 2011 года я проработал в Берлинском университете им. Гумбольдта в качестве консультанта. Подробности здесь.
  • В 2011 году состоялась моя первая крупная работа для англоязычного издания, пригласившего меня написать главу в книгу. Подробности здесь.
  • В июле 2010 года я посетил Берлин и Берлинский университет им. Гумбольдта. Подробности здесь.
  • Since 1st of February 2010, I have been worked in IMPB RAS.
  • In 2009, two books published with my participation as author. Details are available here.
  • In 2008, I started my self-sufficient regular studying German.
  • I spent July 2005 in my first travel abroad. I was invited to present our poster A New Technique of ECG Analysis and its Application to Evaluation of Disorders During Ventricular Tachycardia on the ECMTB05 which took place in Dresden, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. You can find some details of this here (in Russian only).
  • In March 2005, I successfully passed the certification test for workers of ITEB RAS. You can find some details of this here (in Russian only).
  • It is 51.

Personal News Archive


Site Sketch

  1. Professional Activity:

  2. General Information
    (The Section is launced in May, 2001)

  3. Cybernetic and Biophysical Cardiology
    (The Section is launced in May, 2004)

  4. Medical and Biological Cybernetics
    (In Russian only by this time)
    (The Section is launced in October, 2004)

  5. Books by A.V. Moskalenko
    (The Section is launced in January, 2010)

  6. Hobby:

  7. AVM's English Review
    My compilation of English Grammar Reviews and Rules of Letter-writing.
    (Curious mixture of both Russian and English)
    (The Section is launced in May, 2001)

  8. My web-portfolio
    (In Russian only by this time)
    (The Section is launced in May, 2005)

  9. My arts
    (In Russian only)
    (The Section is launced in April, 2003)

  10. Unformal:

  11. Photo-Albums

  12. Kherson is my native town
    (In Russian only)
    (The Section is launced in May 2004)

  13. Dara Show!
    About my daughter Daria.
    (In Russian only)
    (The Section is launced in October 2006.)

  14. Friends of A.V. Moskalenko
    (The Section is launced in January 2010.)


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